Solo exhibition  Floating Points Galerie Zwart Huis Brussels.

 Opening 5 september

 6/9/19 - 26/10/2019


Presentation Artist Book

Boucles, 2019, ceramics

Camouflaged Pearls # 2

Groupexhibition  Bruthaus Gallery Waregem


9/11 - 15/12

Artist in Residence & Solo presentation Ceramic Museum Torhouts 

March-May Presentation July 2020

Sketch Ouest Architects. Realisation of a Architectural Art Project at 'Theater Jean Vilar ' Louvain -La-Neuve.

Architectural Art Project in collaboration with  Dear Reader (Eva Moulaert) and Ouest Architects (Brussels). Renovation Theater Jean Vilar Louvain-La-Neuve.