Realisation of a Architectural Art Project for the new building of t'Vlasbloempje at Beveren-Leie.


A collaboration wit BVDL architects.

 Floordrawings and two wallpaintings.

Picture Tvdv

Disegno / Drawing as a proces


6 april - 19 mei

Vierkante zaal

St Niklaas


Groupexhibition with  Caracci, De Brabandere, Swennen, Guardi, Metten, Van Rossem, Veronese, Brusselmans....

Residence at the EKWC Ceramic Centrum at Oisterwijk (Holland)


Resident from February 2019 until April 2019.

Sketch Ouest Architects. Realisation of a Architectural Art Project at 'Theater Jean Vilar ' Louvain -La-Neuve.

Architectural Art Project in collaboration with  Dear Reader (Eva Moulaert) and Ouest Architects (Brussels). Renovation Theater Jean Vilar Louvain-La-Neuve.